Schema Therapy

What is Schema Therapy?

Schema therapy is an integrative approach unifying elements from cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, Gestalt and attachment schools. Schema Therapy has shown remarkable results in helping people to change negative patterns which they have lived with for a long time.

The aim of Schema therapy is to help the person to break their negative patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, which are often very tenacious, and to develop healthier alternatives to replace them.

Schema-Focused Therapy consists of three stages:                                                  

  • Stage One is the assessment phase, in which schemas are identified during the initial sessions. Questionnaires may be used as well to get a clear picture of the various patterns involved.
  • Stage Two is the emotional awareness and experiential phase, wherein client gets in touch with these schemas and learns how to spot them when they are operating in their day-to-day life.
  • Stage Three is the behavioural change stage during which the client is actively involved in replacing negative, habitual thoughts and behaviours with new, healthy cognitive and behavioural options.

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