Weight Loss and Maintenance Program

The main challenge of obesity treatment is not weight loss, but long-term weight loss maintenance.

Weight loss maintenance is hindered by a complex interaction of environmental, biological, behavioural, and cognitive factors. This explains why a high number of individuals, after a successful weight loss period, regain most of the weight lost.

Research shows that the big three factor in weight loss and management are emotional eating, body image issues and dieting.

The most recent research shows that the best long term results in weight loss and maintenance are achieved when we combine dietary and physical activity recommendations with specific cognitive and behaviour strategies to improve patients’ adherence to a long-term weight management.

Why psychology?

Common issues we help with:

  • Motivation for change
  • Confidence in being able to change (self-efficacy)
  • Self-esteem & body image
  • Emotional eating and drinking
  • Social eating and drinking
  • Overeating, compulsive eating, & bingeing
  • Self-care & life balance
  • Self-sabotage and resistance to change
  • Considerations around bariatric surgery (band, sleeve, bypass)
  • Dieting mindset
8 step non-dieting weight loss and management program

At Psychology Specialists we have developed a comprehensive 8 step non-dieting weight loss and management program, that will help you lose weight and keep it off.  The 8 steps are yours to access at your own pace.

Step 1

Assessment with Psychologist

Goal setting and Values

Step 2

Discovering your sabotaging thoughts and believes about weight and food

Introducing EFT and Hypnosis

Step 3

Learning how stress impacts your weight

Reducing your emotional eating and improving your emotional well-being

Step 4

Mindfulness and mindful eating

Step 5

Learning how to reduce your desires and cravings for less nutritious foods and increase your desire for more nutritious foods

Step 6

Clear away any barriers to physical activity and increase your desire and motivation for physical activity

Step 7

Developing a healthy body image

Step 8

Eliminating any barriers for a long term success

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